Emmeline Pankhurst: Militancy for Women’s Suffrage

When Pep came home and told me she had picked Emmeline Pankhurst for her History Day school project, my first thought was why are you choosing someone from across the pond.   Pep didn’t know anything about her when she started the project but as she learned about Emmeline’s hunger strikes, and her turn to smaller acts of violence to get her message across, she began to really understand the fight women faced in gaining the right to vote in England (and around the world).

Originally Pep was going to do a dramatic monologue but due to an error in the due date in order to turn into the district, she had about five days to finish the project.  There was some stress and some tears – and we learned that the cardboard display board really stunk for this project.   Normally I bought foam in the past but went cheaper due to the number of projects she had this year.   Her project was selected to represent her school downtown and she won 1st place at the school district History Day Fair in the Individual Junior Exhibit.   We did go to Tallahassee for the Florida State History Fair.  She didn’t place but it was an enlightening experience and she has already started planning her project for next year.


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History Day Project

They say some people do their best work during the “crunch time” or we she just got lucky with the procrastination. Originally she wanted to do the drama presentation but she ran out of time. A due date error that turned what was supposed to be four weeks into five days to finish a project really caused a little bit of stress so we ended up with a cardboard display board which she said she will never use again. She ran into a lot of issues with the paper not wanting to stick to the cardboard even with glue dots and photo sticky backs and you name it.

She learned a lot for her first year entering the History Fair but what really helped her project was the sticky back VELCRO® Brand. Not only did it secure all of the items in her display case to prevent them sliding all over the place when moved (except the chain), it was great on the display board when she thought she might need to move an item. Next year’s entry will have panels and it will make it even easier to attach the panels.