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History Day Project

They say some people do their best work during the “crunch time” or we she just got lucky with the procrastination. Originally she wanted to do the drama presentation but she ran out of time. A due date error that turned what was supposed to be four weeks into five days to finish a project really caused a little bit of stress so we ended up with a cardboard display board which she said she will never use again. She ran into a lot of issues with the paper not wanting to stick to the cardboard even with glue dots and photo sticky backs and you name it.

She learned a lot for her first year entering the History Fair but what really helped her project was the sticky back VELCRO® Brand. Not only did it secure all of the items in her display case to prevent them sliding all over the place when moved (except the chain), it was great on the display board when she thought she might need to move an item. Next year’s entry will have panels and it will make it even easier to attach the panels.



Macaroni Penguin Diorama and Costume

One of Pep’s favorite projects was during their Penguin unit in 2nd Grade. She was assigned the Macaroni Penguin and had to complete online research, a costume and a diorama. This was due the day before the Edison Regional Inventor’s Fair at FGCU and the day before we left for our cruise. Fun!  The research was pretty easy. She had to create the diorama and include natural resources.  The penguin also had to be created and could not be store bought so she used pipe cleaners. I love watching her creativity at work because the parents werent really supposed to help. The day before the project was due, she told me she needed a real penguin costume – so here we are free drawing, helping her sew and stuffing — Overstuffing this huge penguin. I wasn’t teaching her to put a zipper in — so VELCRO® Brand  to the rescue and to help hold the wings in place.   Occasionally, I might get to help cut or help sew a little bit but have to admit, I love having her in gifted because she has become so open to new ideas and if something doesn’t work, she just keeps working until she finds something she likes.2013-01-19_20-12-14_908

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Pep’s Cookie Booth!

When Pepper was a Brownie, she wanted a different style of cookie booth. After looking at hundreds of “booths” online and Pinterest, Pep settled on crates.

We found some wood crates at Joann’s. She then chose spray paint based on Little Brownie Baker cookie boxes colors and spray painted each crate a different color.  Using zip-ties, she stood three crates together vertically and secured them with zip-ties. And left the other two crates loose.

We then found some black chalkboard pieces and she made her advertisements for her cookie booth.  She secured them to the crates with VELCRO® Brand sticky Velcro so they could be removed if needed or changed.

2014 Cookie Season (15)

We have used these crates for cookie booths over the last four years. She changes the chalkboards or adds to them every year, including her Mints for the Military donation crate.