Skyline 28″ Hardside Spinner Check In Luggage – Blue

We have had a number of softside and hardside spinners over the years. Our last set was soft-side and was totally soaked after a recent trip so I wanted to go back to hardside. This 28″ hardside spinner from Skyline is the first hardside I’ve owned that has the ability to expand (in this case an additional 2 inches). The suitcase isn’t as rigid and my previous hardside cases but it appears to be very durable with ABS construction. The suitcase sits just above 30 inches with the wheels so it will definitely meet checked baggage requirements.
I’m excited that my husband and I will be able to share this suitcase on our week long vacation. There is an inner liner which is a little baggier than my other cases and there is a pocket zipper liner that separates the two sides. The case also has a side handle with feet on the side as well as the collapsible handle and wheels when standing upright. I have a smaller hatchback and this case takes up my *whole* trunk so if you are using a ride service with other people, make sure you know you are going to have enough room for this case. It is a solid hardcase so its not going to give when shoving into tight spaces.
I ordered this case in blue and it looks black so it if is blue – it is a very very dark blue. (the box says blue too).

Find your Skyline Spinner at Target.



I received this product at a discount or for free for an honest review.  All opinions are my own!


INNX Trunk Storage Net

When Pep gave up cheer, I thought we would finally cut down the time in our car.  Then Hunter started taking classes at tech school and suddenly I’m spending four plus hours in the car a day between Pep, Hunter and taking care of my mom.  From food to clothes to papers to the pile of mail, I feel like my car has become a hot mess.

Enter these simple Storage Nets from INNX .  With two secure and wide pieces on each side, they attach securely to the carpet portion of your trunk (or backset if you have a carpeted area). This product only included 1 storage net but they do ship in sets of two as well.   They are easily adjustable and movable.  One net could hold two to three water bottles easily.   It is also easy to store items such as first aid kits, cleaning supplies.

The storage net measures 15.7″ by 10″ inches and attaches to the carpeted area of your car.  If you don’t have carpet on the back of the front driver and passenger seat the storage net wont stick.

The storage nets are great because they can also be removed and stored when not in use.  Find yours here on Amazon:

The storage net also comes with a lifetime warranty.

I received this item at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.



Review: Ancord Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM


Let’s face it.  Our cell phones and laptops just dont pump out the sound we want when it comes to movies and music.  We like the idea of surround sound (ok so maybe it’s just me).  Santa brought my kids JBL Flip2s a few years ago and I will be totally honest, I loved that speaker.  My son totally destroyed his though within a year at too many basketball pick up games as the speaker filled with dust and grit.  So we have been searching for a bluetooth speaker that could handle the rough and tumble of an aspie athlete’s backpack.  We’ve gone through several and maybe the sound is ok but it wont survive Hunter.  Then I saw this Ancord Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM radio. This little speaker is awesome!!!  It’s a little rugged which I like.   After the speaker comes on with the infamous Bluetooth lady pairing voice, it paired in under 20 seconds.
We launched into an obnoxious mp3 and as my hubby played with the volume, I was tossing the speaker and dropping it.  When you advertise Waterproof, Drop proof, Dustproof and Shockproof, you just can’t resist.  Those terms are needed to be Hunter proof.  The speaker didn’t even glitch once during all of the testing.  The sound is amazing, it even kicks a little bass. I can crank it up halfway and hear it downstairs. I even tested it with the Green Lantern movie which has a notoriously low audio track and you could actually hear it without having to max out your speakers.  The switch to FM was a breeze and then switch to an SD card and switch back and it remembers my FM station.  My only complaint is I didn’t get it in orange!  I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.  I love this 🔊!!!! #ancord #Bluetooth #speaker #travelmust
Check it out on Amazon here



BagsForLess Black Garment Bag

When I realized I had let someone borrow our garment bag and they still had it, we needed to find something fast for Pep to use for her Uniforms at Encampment.  It needed to be big enough to hold at least two sets of ABUS and her Blues without wrinkling.  I found this Bags for Less Black Garment Bag on Amazon that stated it could expand up to 5 inches.

It easily held her uniforms.  It actually holds 3 pairs of ABUS and her Blues.  It has handles on both ends but folding them together would have wrinkled her garments so we left it flat. However the bottom handle kept getting caught.  It does have a large opening for hangers but even with four to five hangers they were still sliding out so I had to rubber band them.  I would not use this garment bag if I was traveling on plane, cruise, train but its perfect for travel by car or for storing important pieces of clothing dust and moth free.  It even has a peep hole and a ID slot.


Pick-A-Pack Travel Packing Cubes Set- Top Assorted Travel Cube Packing Organizer

I have been looking at travel cubes for a long time now but wasn’t sure I wanted to invest in them. I have spent some time on Jumpsend a found a coupon code so it would cut down on the cost.  Though the were not the color I wanted I decided to go ahead and give them a try.

These Pick a Pack Travel Cubes come with four cubes in varying sizes, a shoe bag, a hanging traveling toiletry bag and three silicone bottles/tubes for shampoo, bodywash etc.

My daughter does a lot of traveling and camps where the clean clothes need to be separated from the worn (and sometimes stinky) – I picked one of our medium sized suitcases and these bright blue travel cubes will fit in nicely when full. I really like the different sizes to hold different items. The traveling cosmetic/toiletry bag is a little smaller than it looked but it will work well for travel toiletries and has room for normal items and well as cosmetics and has two zippered sizes as well. The included silicone squeeze bottles in “pretty colors” was a nice plus. They did have a small plastic smelling odor when unpacked so we are airing them out before our next trip next week. They are nice thickness so they are not cheap feeling at all and I played with the zippers very time and appear to be well made.

She really put these cubes to the test when she headed off to Summer Encampment.  Each Cube was separated into ABU, PT, Blues, sheets and towels, and the bag held her dress shoes. She had to use a laundry bag at encampment for soiled items so it made it very easy to get dressed in three minutes or less. So they were definitely a hit.

We will still use the traditional summer camp (Ziploc bags for dirty laundry) but the cubes will help keep items organized. My daughter would love to see a Camo pattern.