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End of Year Award Baskets

Every year, I try to do something different for our end-of-year awards.   As we are a smaller troop now, and not a bridging year, I was looking for something simple.

Pep and I found these bluish-green baskets at the dollar store and we picked up popsicle sticks and some foam flower blocks and Runts Candy.   We had also found these coasters in the dollar bin at Joann’s along with some Font stickers.  We hot glued the patches to the popsicle sticks (which I probably wont do again because they were hard to get off).

We added the 100 years of Girl Scout Cookie glass, cookie bandana, and then we found the Trefoil cookie cutter on clearance at the Girl Scout online store.


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President’s Volunteer Service Award

This past Sunday,  Pep was awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award at the Girl Scouts Gulf Coast Young Women of Distinction Ceremony for her service to her NoBareFeet Project.  Autumn collects new and gently used shoes and donates them to organizations here in our community to give directly to children and teens who can’t afford new shoes.   Wink News Reporter Brooke Shafer interviewed Pepper a few days before the ceremony.

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Shopping Bag- Sit-Upons

I spent a few days trying to decide if I wanted to do camp buckets or sit-upons for our girls for their first camping trip.  Pep had made her first sit-upon as a Daisy with a table cloth, duct tape and newspaper stuffing but I wanted to try to do something a little different.

While we were in Joann’s,  Pep saw these really cute reusable shopping bags at check out.  These were more rectangular than square but she loved the pattern (it had an owl on it) and of course a handle/strap.  So she picked up a couple different patterned bags and we trucked to the back of the store to get a huge piece of craft foam and then corresponding duct tape which in this case was yellow.

I had a few girls over for another activity, so we decided to see how hard and how long it would take to stuff them.   We rough measured the craft foam based on the bag and then doubled it to make it 2 inches thick.  After cutting the craft foam with some help, the girls worked on getting the foam inside the bag.   We folded the sides and bottom in to make a nice square sides and bottom and then went heavy on the duct tape.  We did the stop last and I would say they came out pretty nicely.

Pep has had hers going on four years now – and they are still holding on.   Later we made them with the whole group at camp in all shapes and sizes.


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Pep’s Cookie Booth!

When Pepper was a Brownie, she wanted a different style of cookie booth. After looking at hundreds of “booths” online and Pinterest, Pep settled on crates.

We found some wood crates at Joann’s. She then chose spray paint based on Little Brownie Baker cookie boxes colors and spray painted each crate a different color.  Using zip-ties, she stood three crates together vertically and secured them with zip-ties. And left the other two crates loose.

We then found some black chalkboard pieces and she made her advertisements for her cookie booth.  She secured them to the crates with VELCRO® Brand sticky Velcro so they could be removed if needed or changed.

2014 Cookie Season (15)

We have used these crates for cookie booths over the last four years. She changes the chalkboards or adds to them every year, including her Mints for the Military donation crate.

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Scarecrows in the Park

Every year, one of our local parks has a “Scarecrows in the Parks” display.   Each year, there are some fantastic displays.

As a supplement to working on our Art in the Outdoors Badge, our girls voted to create a scarecrow display.  They voted on creating a more traditional scarecrow display but also wanted it to be very girl scout themed and also support the 100th anniversary of GS Cookies.  So the girls created “S’mores to the Outdoors.”

The girls spent an afternoon stuffing burlap bags and dressing their scarecrows, and making hands.  The scarecrows all had bandanas like they wear at girl scout camp.  The girls picked themes to include such as hiking, campfires, gardening, painting, sports and camping.  They didn’t win but they had a great time creating their display.


2016.10.20 Scarecrows In The park (41)

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Hygiene Packets for Haiti

My co-leader’s fiancé is a pilot and spends a lot of time in hotel rooms.  Over time, he had collected several bins worth of travel toiletries.

After Hurricane Matthew went through and ravaged Haiti, my Cadettes spent an afternoon sorting and bundling the toiletries into packets.  Three of my girls are in the same middle school and they were doing a Hygiene Drive for Haiti.

Our girls bagged over 100+ hygiene packets and delivered them.  It was an awesome service project.

2016.10.26 Hygeine Bags (2)2016.10.26 Hygeine Bags (4)