Off to Aviation Challenge

Our annual two day trip to Huntsville turned into three this year because I broke my toe. With hubby staying behind for work, it was just me and the Pep, who is unfortunately not a legal age to drive.  But I didn’t let the annoying tingling and ok – excruciating pain while driving 14 plus hours deter my daughter’s need to spend some time at her second favorite place on Earth.

This morning, I dropped my favorite Pepper off for an awesome week of the Mach II Aviation Challenge Program at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.  Check in went well and I know there are some new curriculum changes she is very excited about.   If you have a budding spacenerd, spacegeek or scientist,  I would highly recommend sending them to the Rocket Center campus for a week.  They are phenomenal programs.


Destination Aviation

Pep spent the week on the SunNFun Campus for Destination Aviation.  This is her second year attending and she truly enjoys absorbing as much information about flight into that spongy brain of hers.   They have lessons on flight, spend time on the simulators and on Thursday, they drive over to Vero Beach where they actually get some flight time.   At the end of the week, they present a presentation.  Pep enjoys discussing the “Flight Plan.”  We are just really proud of her for working hard to achieve her dreams!  Pictures Courtesy of Summer Camp Staff at SunNFun.

DA 1 2017 C1 D4 089