Space Saver Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

One of the biggest things I miss about our house was the closets, second only to my garden tub.  Walk-in closets, closets with large shelves, a large shelved pantry – I always had enough space.  Life sometimes throws you some difficult curveballs and you find yourself picking up the pieces and moving on.   And that’s what we’ve been doing.

We have been in a tiny townhouse for a little over three years.  The location in town is great and the neighborhood doesn’t have too many issues –  BUT it has absolutely NO storage space.  It has a tiny upstairs closet. NO bathroom closets.  The master bedroom closet is the same size as the kids and is a hot mess for two people.  The laundry area is upstairs and we had to take the folding doors off because the washer wouldn’t fit.  No extra storage space.  We had clothes in zippered fabric bins under the bed and our dear sweet kitties clawed, ripped and chewed every single bag – all six of them.   Our dear sweet Buttercup passed last summer and I am finally getting around to cleaning out all the bags, washing donating and trying to find a way to store them again when I thought about the Space Saver bags.

My last experience with space saver bags wasn’t that great.  They became brittle and cracked or the zipper seal broke even when the bag wasn’t stuffed.  I had two blankets my grandmothers made ruined by these bags so I wasn’t keen on trying again.

This time, I saw a different company SpacePlus with a box of 12 bags with various sizes.  So I thought I would try them and see if I could start dealing with our storage issues.


The first thing I will say is that they are definitely a different quality bag as they seem thicker.  I do like the zipper seal though the blue slider piece pops off and I had to keep popping it back on but it does make sure your bags are sealed.   The jumbo size bag is humongous 40″x32″ and I have no idea if I will even use that one.  I might try to take all the items under my daughter’s bed and see if they will fit.   The other size bags are  32″x24″, 28″x20″ and 24″x16″.

First I decided to see if I could organize the top shelf of our hall closet. It holds sheets, blankets, three sleeping bags, pillow etc.  I pulled out some sheets to donate and then decided to see if I could flatten some of the sheets and blankets and two of the sleeping bags.  I used the smaller bags and was able to get them much flatter (and heavier so it seemed).  The one thing I wasn’t thinking about was the 16″ is still too wide for my closet so I had to stand the three bags upright (that’s how much space is at the top of the closet).   I don’t really like how the bags are in the top of my closet right now, but I will have to work on rearranging it later.  I also used one of the large bags and a medium to vacuum seal the clothing items that were under my bed.  They are currently stacked and so far after a few days haven’t seemed to lose any air.


You can use your vacuum to help suck out the air, but I just used the air pump.  The vacuum might have gotten them a little flatter (you never get it as pretty as the pictures), but it did do the job.   After using the jumbos in my daughter’s room, I will probably use the other three or four bags for the top of my closet.  Not sure they will fit up there, but hopefully I will find a way.


Thus far, I am really happy with the SpacePlus bags. You can find yours here on Amazon: .


I received this item at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.


Men’s Reversible Leather Dress Belt by QISHI YUHUA

I will admit it. Pep comes first for almost everything.   Then Hunter. Hubby is third and I’m always last. I think I need to do something about that.  My current task was to find hubby a new belt.  Matt is just rough on almost everything so I needed something durable and would look nice while it was being abused.

I am addicted to Amazon and prefer shopping online over going to the store these days.  I found this reversible dress belt by Qishi Yuhua that looked really nice.  No I hadn’t heard of them either but I thought i would take a chance.

This 1.25″ inch belt came in a very nice box with two shiny buckles. and I just loved the presentation. One of the buckles looks shinier  but my hubby tells me I am seeing things. I ordered a 40-44 and really should have ordered down a size as the belt is already on the tightest hole.  You can trim the belt but that would ruin the edge and hubby doesn’t want to.  So it will do for now. The buckle attaches quite effortlessly and is easy to flip to switch the belt from brown to black.


He’s quite happy with the belt for now. So we will see how it goes.  It does look very nice with his dress pants and with jeans/khakis.

Get yours here on Amazon:


I received this item at a discount for review.  All opinions are my own.


Baiter 13400mAh Power Bank Charger

As much as I would like life to slow down a little, it seems we are always on the go.  When Hunter started going to tech school all the way across town, I found myself spending four to five hours of driving a day which jumped to six when he started his internship.  While the car has charging devices, depending on where which kiddo needed to be where, sometimes there just wasn’t enough juice to do the juicing.

We have a kickbutt power bank charger I took to the Girl Scout Convention and it kept us and a few GS friends charged over the weekend.  That power bank is heavy and was expensive. Pep has taken it on a couple of trips and I secretly wonder every time if it is going to come home.  So we were looking for a power bank she could take with her – camping, to amusement parks, sleepovers, etc. that would still charge her phone or other electronic devices but not be so big, expensive or heavy.

We found this Baiter 13400mAh Power Bank Charger on Amazon.

From the Amazon website specs are listed to detect your device and provide the fastest charge up to 2.4 and can charge via a micro USB or Apple Lightning cable.  Dimensions are 8.1 x 5.4 x 1.2 inches and it weights around 11.2 ounces so it comes in under a pound.  It was a little larger than what I wanted for her, but the smaller power banks don’t have the same charging capacity.



My daughter had just come back from a weekend away and I couldn’t find my powerful power bank.  She had a banquet that night and I hadn’t had a chance to charge our camera so the power bank and the camera and cable ended up in the car.  The camera battery was at 9% and 90 minutes later was a little over 70%.   The battery pack still had enough juice to charge her phone.   While my husband is quick to point out it is not true lightning quick charge 3.0,  it is plenty sufficient for charging items on the go, or for a teenage daughter who may not have access to a power outlet when she is gone for the weekend.

Find yours here on Amazon.

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I received this item at a discount for my honest opinion.


Ifecco Bluetooth Over-the-ear Headphones


So we have two versions of these Ifecco Bluetooth over the ear Headphones.   They are both in a pretty rose gold color and both of my kids indicate they have a decent sound quality.   They are comfortable on the ears, easily sync and look good too.   My son gets at least 4-5 hours of listening time out of his headset. They are foldable and take a micro SD or TF card which is awesome for working out.


The only issue we had with the 2nd pair was that it popped where it folds and had to be snapped back together.  It is no longer a secure fit.  The company did respond via amazon customer service about replacing the product but my son decided he wanted to keep them since they were comfortable and still working for now.

Buy yours here on amazon:

All opinions are my own. Received this item at a discount for review.



Skyline 28″ Hardside Spinner Check In Luggage – Blue

We have had a number of softside and hardside spinners over the years. Our last set was soft-side and was totally soaked after a recent trip so I wanted to go back to hardside. This 28″ hardside spinner from Skyline is the first hardside I’ve owned that has the ability to expand (in this case an additional 2 inches). The suitcase isn’t as rigid and my previous hardside cases but it appears to be very durable with ABS construction. The suitcase sits just above 30 inches with the wheels so it will definitely meet checked baggage requirements.
I’m excited that my husband and I will be able to share this suitcase on our week long vacation. There is an inner liner which is a little baggier than my other cases and there is a pocket zipper liner that separates the two sides. The case also has a side handle with feet on the side as well as the collapsible handle and wheels when standing upright. I have a smaller hatchback and this case takes up my *whole* trunk so if you are using a ride service with other people, make sure you know you are going to have enough room for this case. It is a solid hardcase so its not going to give when shoving into tight spaces.
I ordered this case in blue and it looks black so it if is blue – it is a very very dark blue. (the box says blue too).

Find your Skyline Spinner at Target.



I received this product at a discount or for free for an honest review.  All opinions are my own!


IALUKU Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

When Pep started flying, normal sunglasses wouldn’t cut it and she would only wear aviators.  In the last two years, we have gone through about ten pairs.  Some were poor quality, a pair or two were left at the airport and one pair might have fallen 15,000 feet…….

So she was in need for a new pair of aviators.   These Aviator Polarized Sunglasses by Ialuku are really quality made sunglasses. I was worried that she wouldn’t like the brownish color as she has always worn gold or silver.  She actually loves the frame color and almost look more a like a reddish brown.

These lens are polarized, and have an anti-reflective lens. They are a little big on her face as the lens is 58mm which is around 2.2 inches so they are big lenses.   She wore them flying this past weekend and she loved how they had no glare at all.  They also block UVA and UVB rays which is great for being in the air and on the ground in sunny Southwest Florida.


These glasses were a really great find.  Hopefully they will last longer than their predecessors.

Find yours on Amazon.


I received these sunglasses at a discount in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own or Peps.


AtivaFit Speed Rope

Pep started cheering when she was five and competitive cheer and multiple tumbling classes soon took over her life.  She spent four to five days a week in the gym sweating.  It’s hard to believe she stopped cheering so she could be more active in Civil Air Patrol. There is PT but it is not 4x times a week so she isn’t getting the regular full body workouts she was used too.

A few weeks ago she decided she wanted to take up boxing and was considering ballet and tumbling again for high school cheer.  As part of this foray into boxing, she wanted a speed rope.  I thought we would try this skipping speed rope by Ativafit. Made of PVC covered steel wire, I thought it would be nice to have a rope that would be durable and doesn’t tangle. The rope is over 9 feet and indicated it was adjustable. This adjustment happens by sliding a screw along the rope.
In this particular case, even with the adjustable rope, the extra length pieces hang awkwardly and made it very distracting and uncomfortable when jumping for fear of whacking herself with the end pieces. The rope could be used at full length for my son who is 10 inches taller with no issues.   When she gets a little taller, I don’t think the rope will be as cumbersome for her. In the meantime, it will be available for her older brother.

Find yours on Amazon.



I received this product as a discount for review. All opinions are my own.


Black Owl Fashion Backpack

My daughter has had an owl obsession since she was two. She went through a phase where she would only wear owl t-shirts. Now she still loves owls, steampunk, all things Harry Potter and fashion accessories. This backpack goes perfectly with her Harry Potter and steampunk outfits!!! The gold embellishment stitching really make the eyes pop.

This backpack is really lightweight and can hold more than you think. It comes with two outside pockets, a zippered main compartment which the owl face closes over and then an internal pocket. It advertises being about to hold a tablet. It can hold a tablet and other necessities quite easily. We put a huge sunglass case, a Pixel 2XL, A droid Turbo 2, a clasp wallet, white gloves, a belt, keys and two 4ft flag bags rolled up and still had plenty of room.

I was carrying it for my daughter yesterday at a craft show and received multiple compliments.

This was shipped internationally.  The company was awesome.  I had a secure transaction, an international tracking number which I could then track once stateside and it took just a few weeks, not months which was fantastic.

Find yours here

I received this product at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.




Lace Black and White Masquerade Masks

Pep’s school is having a silent auction and Masquerade Ball in a few weeks to support our fine arts department.  Pep will be playing with her Wind Ensemble group but she wanted a mask that she could wear while not interfering with her French Horn.

We saw these lace masks on Amazon and thought they might work.   Pep was a little disappointed because they are so large. She doesn’t have a small face but the eye cutouts were very big.  It took some major adjusting and arranging and tightening to get the mask to stay where it wasn’t sliding.  The lace masks are stiffer than expected but they are also very flexible. The nose piece doesn’t block breathing and there is no blocking the mouth like there might be with a larger plastic mask.  The ties are a decent length.  She attempted to tie underneath her hair but the mask kept slipping so she tied them on top of her hair but then they looked funny.   We will have to play with them to see if we can come up with a solution.

The masks come in a two pack of black and white
Find them here on Amazon


Touch’N’Keep 72 piece Adhesive Magnets

I originally looked at adhesive magnets as part of a craft project for my older Girl Scout Troop as part of our work on organization.  They are at that age right now where Girl Scouts isn’t always the most important agenda item, so my daughter decided she would use them to make decorative magnets for her room.

Touch’n’Keep sells this sheet of 72 magnets with adhesive backing. My daughter did love decorating them with the washi tape we had on hand. They also adhere to her magnetic chalkboard. They hold maybe two sheets of paper. My biggest beef with these magnets was actually the way they were packaged. The film sheet they were adhered to was ripped when it came out of the cardboard envelope folding the sheet downward. I lost about 20 magnets due to adhesive issues. Otherwise they are cute and great for crafts.

I received this item at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.


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