The Claw

The Claw by RecordPeakOfficial is the perfect smartphone and camera tripod. I really wasn’t sure it would hold Pep’s Canon camera but it attached securely with the foot and was very sturdy. This portable tripod is perfect for the desk, on the go, at the beach and it can even wrap around an object. Pep was using it to video call with friends and she can even run lines and sing without having to prop the phone up on the desk. The smartphone attachment allows both landscape and portrait mode. Pep even wrapped it around her French horn to put to test it with her tuner and then to record a practice piece with less background noise. It comes with the tripod, the smart phone adjustable holder, a wireless remote, charging cable and a cute carry bag. It was the perfect present for the thespian always recording practice clips for critique.

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I received this product at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.


AquaDance 6″ Chrome Rainfall Showerhead with Filter

I have been wanting to replace the showerhead in our master bath for a while as it was a simple standard showerhead and was getting old and clogged despite almost constant cleaning. Aquadance has some fantastic reviews so I was very excited to try out their 6″ Chrome High Pressure Rainfall Showerhead with filter.

The chrome finish showerhead attaches to the filter which is advertised to last 6-9 months with a family of four or about 10,000 gallons. The showerhead can be adjusted as it has an angle-adjustable ball joint. The jets are also advertised to be self-cleaning rub-clean jets which hopefully will help with lime build-up.

My hubby was skeptical that a rainfall showerhead would have decent water pressure but he agreed to give it a try.  He had this shower head installed in less than eight minutes and it took so long because the old one didn’t want to come off.   We did need to use a little bit of plumber’s tape but overall a very quick install and set up.

We have had this showerhead installed for four days and I can say I absolutely love it and my husband is impressed.   The water jets are high stream and it feels like a massage. I love the mini massage on my scalp washing my hear.  I’m not sure we are using less water because I want to stay in the shower longer.  I’ve also noticed a difference in the smell and taste of our city water so the filter seems to be doing the job.

Get yours here at Amazon.

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I received this product at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.


Vostronics Sport Hook Bluetooth Headphones

We go through way way too many wireless headphones. We only have wired for school chromebooks.  I have a skullcandy wireless headset that I love  but after twenty minutes the tops of my ears hurt. They are too nice to get sweaty so I’m always looking for a pair to wLk in.   Just when I find a pair I like, one the kids, usually Hunter “desperately” needs a replacement.  I normally just let them have mine as my left ear canal appears to be oddly shaped and some earbuds, even on the smallest buds dont sit correctly. So I found these #vostronics  that I could review for a discount. They are noise cancelling, sweatproof, over the ear wireless ear buds. The first time I put them on, I was bummed because they didn’t fit my left ear well, so my daughter claimed them and loves them. They quickly connect, have great sound quality and look nice. They come with apou h and a whitecharging cable as well as various size cushions. I have since reclaimed them and with a little adjustment, can now wear them comfortably. Check them out on amazon here.


Review: Ancord Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM


Let’s face it.  Our cell phones and laptops just dont pump out the sound we want when it comes to movies and music.  We like the idea of surround sound (ok so maybe it’s just me).  Santa brought my kids JBL Flip2s a few years ago and I will be totally honest, I loved that speaker.  My son totally destroyed his though within a year at too many basketball pick up games as the speaker filled with dust and grit.  So we have been searching for a bluetooth speaker that could handle the rough and tumble of an aspie athlete’s backpack.  We’ve gone through several and maybe the sound is ok but it wont survive Hunter.  Then I saw this Ancord Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM radio. This little speaker is awesome!!!  It’s a little rugged which I like.   After the speaker comes on with the infamous Bluetooth lady pairing voice, it paired in under 20 seconds.
We launched into an obnoxious mp3 and as my hubby played with the volume, I was tossing the speaker and dropping it.  When you advertise Waterproof, Drop proof, Dustproof and Shockproof, you just can’t resist.  Those terms are needed to be Hunter proof.  The speaker didn’t even glitch once during all of the testing.  The sound is amazing, it even kicks a little bass. I can crank it up halfway and hear it downstairs. I even tested it with the Green Lantern movie which has a notoriously low audio track and you could actually hear it without having to max out your speakers.  The switch to FM was a breeze and then switch to an SD card and switch back and it remembers my FM station.  My only complaint is I didn’t get it in orange!  I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.  I love this 🔊!!!! #ancord #Bluetooth #speaker #travelmust
Check it out on Amazon here



Simpizia 240 Piece Molecular Organic Chemistry Set

You can never have enough cool science toys!  My sister picked up this Molecular Organic Chemistry Set a few months ago, and Pep was in love.  She totally is a geek-out admitted Science nerd and it would definitely give her a heads up in starting to learn all of those crazy chemistry compounds.

Simpizia’s Molecular Organic Chemistry Set has 240 pieces and comes in a little gray box with a label stating what atoms are included.  The box does not latch and the lid does not sit level with all the pieces, but this small flaw can be overlooked for the amount of fun she was having.

In addition to the 86 atoms, there are around 60 single bond links and 25 double bond links that easily bend.  There are also 8 or so short double bond links and around 60 short single bond links. .  The atoms include 2 boron, 2 bromine, 4 sulfate, 2 iodine, 4 nitrogen, 15 carbon, 30 hydrogen and 10 oxygen.  My daughter really enjoyed the link remover as the compounds created stay together until you use the link remover to take them apart.

Check out her YouTube Simpizia Molecular Organic Chemistry Set Review . 

This purchase is definitely a hit and a must for your future scientist!

“I got this product for free/at a discount in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.”



Very Nice Professional Business Card Case

This K.DESIGNS Business card case – made from artificial leather, brushed stainless steel, magnetic catch, business card holder, business card box (Brown)]] is a very professional looking case. A little thicker than some of my other cases but holds more cards. Case is smooth to the touch. The company even sent a small package of gummy bears. I might have liked it in black a little better but the brown will do. Great product.


LIG Bluetooth Speaker – Great Color – Medicore Sound

Picked up this LIG Group Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker to connect to my tablet or notebook to have a little more sound when watching videos or listening to music.  For starters, the speaker was advertised at a 3.0 Bluetooth but the documentation stated 2.0  It connected easily to my tablet and phone but took a little longer with my notebook.  The cable that ships has both a  micro usb connector and a audio jack. .  It also supports a micro sd card and a usb flash drive so it could also be independent of your other electronic devices.

The sound quality at medium volume is pretty decent.  However, at the higher volume (which is why I bought it), the sound quality becomes distorted.  The bass response is non existent which is not surprising for a cheaper speaker.  If you have spent good money on more expensive speakers this is a good back up for your kids when they lose that nice speaker or if you are going on vacation and don’t want to take the high-end stuff along.  This speaker will suffice.

I do love the color! Havent lost it yet!



Pick-A-Pack Travel Packing Cubes Set- Top Assorted Travel Cube Packing Organizer

I have been looking at travel cubes for a long time now but wasn’t sure I wanted to invest in them. I have spent some time on Jumpsend a found a coupon code so it would cut down on the cost.  Though the were not the color I wanted I decided to go ahead and give them a try.

These Pick a Pack Travel Cubes come with four cubes in varying sizes, a shoe bag, a hanging traveling toiletry bag and three silicone bottles/tubes for shampoo, bodywash etc.

My daughter does a lot of traveling and camps where the clean clothes need to be separated from the worn (and sometimes stinky) – I picked one of our medium sized suitcases and these bright blue travel cubes will fit in nicely when full. I really like the different sizes to hold different items. The traveling cosmetic/toiletry bag is a little smaller than it looked but it will work well for travel toiletries and has room for normal items and well as cosmetics and has two zippered sizes as well. The included silicone squeeze bottles in “pretty colors” was a nice plus. They did have a small plastic smelling odor when unpacked so we are airing them out before our next trip next week. They are nice thickness so they are not cheap feeling at all and I played with the zippers very time and appear to be well made.

She really put these cubes to the test when she headed off to Summer Encampment.  Each Cube was separated into ABU, PT, Blues, sheets and towels, and the bag held her dress shoes. She had to use a laundry bag at encampment for soiled items so it made it very easy to get dressed in three minutes or less. So they were definitely a hit.

We will still use the traditional summer camp (Ziploc bags for dirty laundry) but the cubes will help keep items organized. My daughter would love to see a Camo pattern.