Airylife 3″ Carabiner Clip

We use carabiners everywhere.  We use them with keyrings.  They are fantastic for clipping items together for storage. We used them for camping. My daughter uses them to attach to her water bottle to her backpack and for attaching needed items when she is on patrol at bivouacs.  We use them to hold hair scrunchies and hang baskets from wire shelves.

The daughter, however, constantly looses her designated carabiners so now we these aluminum clips by Airylife.  This 5 pack has very bright colored (red, green, blue, black and purple) clips with screw gates that basically lock the carabiner and prevent it from accidently getting squeezed and items slipping off.



Please note these carabiners are not designed to be used in rappelling or climbing or life saving measures.

I received this product at a discount for review. All opinions are my own. Find yours here. Get yours here.



AncordWorks AW01 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Our household is heavy on the playing music. We probably go through 10-15 pairs of headphones a year and 10-12 portable speakers. I would compromise sound quality for a cheap price but as we all know cheap doesn’t always mean decent quality. A few months ago, I tried a speaker from Ancord Works and really liked it.
I was looking for a speaker Hunter couldn’t destroy. This one comes pretty close The AW01 AncordWorks Shower/Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and rugged. It comes with both carabiner and suction cup. I was able to easily sync with my Droid turbo phone and my Samsung tablet. Idropped it and soaked it in the shower. It’s been playing beautifully while soaked over an hour. Also comes with USB cable and brick an 8gb Microsd card and reader. There is a small door where the charging cable and microcard go. This is my third AncordWorks speaker and they are on on par with our JBL quality wise. Pep will probably try to sneak off with it cus it’s camo green. Impressed 🎶🎵🔊🔊

The speaker also comes with an one year warranty so if there are any issues they can be resolved.
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I received this item at a discount. Opinions are my own!!


3 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag by SurvivalHax

Pep is headed off to Winter Encampment as  Flight Sergeant in just a few weeks.   Winter Encampment utilizes sleeping bags rather than the traditional white flat sheets so she wanted a new sleeping bag that wasn’t pink.   We found this 3 Season Mummy Sleeping Bag by Survival Hax.  This sleeping bag is blue and grey and is very long.  I noticed immediately that she would have to unzip it to comfortably climb in or she would be using the shimmy method.  It is very form fitting and my husband, who is a solid 250 has a difficult time and is very uncomfortable.  For Pep though, its a little long but perfect.



The waterproof shell also has a hidden phone compartment and also has drawstring that can pull the top around your head.  While it’s stated it’s not rated for winter, it is good for the Florida winters we have here.  Pep is happy because it’s a cozy and warm sleeping bag. The sleeping bag rolls up nicely into its travel pouch and comes in at under three pounds. Seems to be decently made. Find yours here:




I received a discount for review.  All opinions are my own.


Review: Ancord Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM


Let’s face it.  Our cell phones and laptops just dont pump out the sound we want when it comes to movies and music.  We like the idea of surround sound (ok so maybe it’s just me).  Santa brought my kids JBL Flip2s a few years ago and I will be totally honest, I loved that speaker.  My son totally destroyed his though within a year at too many basketball pick up games as the speaker filled with dust and grit.  So we have been searching for a bluetooth speaker that could handle the rough and tumble of an aspie athlete’s backpack.  We’ve gone through several and maybe the sound is ok but it wont survive Hunter.  Then I saw this Ancord Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM radio. This little speaker is awesome!!!  It’s a little rugged which I like.   After the speaker comes on with the infamous Bluetooth lady pairing voice, it paired in under 20 seconds.
We launched into an obnoxious mp3 and as my hubby played with the volume, I was tossing the speaker and dropping it.  When you advertise Waterproof, Drop proof, Dustproof and Shockproof, you just can’t resist.  Those terms are needed to be Hunter proof.  The speaker didn’t even glitch once during all of the testing.  The sound is amazing, it even kicks a little bass. I can crank it up halfway and hear it downstairs. I even tested it with the Green Lantern movie which has a notoriously low audio track and you could actually hear it without having to max out your speakers.  The switch to FM was a breeze and then switch to an SD card and switch back and it remembers my FM station.  My only complaint is I didn’t get it in orange!  I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.  I love this 🔊!!!! #ancord #Bluetooth #speaker #travelmust
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Camping Buckets

To finish off her summer vacation, Pep and a friend are going on their first Primitive Camping trip which involves a canoe and a river.  Rather than a hiking backpack,  camp recommended two five gallon buckets to store gear in.

Five gallon buckets are cheaper than a decent hiking backpack so off to home depot I went to grab two 5 gallon Homer Buckets.  The buckets were $2.97 a piece but then you have to buy the lids – so it was a little over $10 for both.

We then came home and decided they needed some color so out came the duct tape.  In hindsight, we should have used a darker duct tape because of the orange, but at least she will definitely know which two buckets are hers.   We normally put a cushion on them, but skipped it for now.  If they survive the trip, we will make seat cushions for them after she comes home.



Tactical LED Pen by Survival Hax


My daughter loves the outdoors – if she’s not camping,  she’s trekking through the woods on a “mission” or she is drilling or running obstacles courses.  As she gets older, most of these events she is doing on her own, sans mom. So when this Tactical LED Pen by Survial Hax was in the mailbox, she was pretty excited. I was excited too.

The pen arrived in a manila padded envelope and inside was this box. The box was in good condition and the pen was in a fitted cut-out tray which held the pen. It was great they added a thumb-hole to remove the pen.

It is a multi-function tool.  Pep asked for a “multi-tool” for Christmas last year so this adds to her collection of devices that serve more than one task.   On the top is your flashlight and firestarter which comes-on with a slight twist to the left.  There is also a replaceable battery.  We opted not to practice the fire-starting right now – but I am sure she will be “testing” that portion out in the future.

The bottom end has your glass breaker and your self defense tool.  This pen is sturdy and has weight behind it so even my daughter would be able to break glass if need be.  The pen is revealed by unscrewing the bottom end with the glass breaker. The pen also writes nicely once you get used to the heavier weight.  The pen ink is also refillable.



The design is clean and simple.   It’s a great device for camping, emergencies, hurricane season and even to toss in your bag.  Check out my review on you tube and pick yours up at Amazon today!


Girl Scouts

Shopping Bag- Sit-Upons

I spent a few days trying to decide if I wanted to do camp buckets or sit-upons for our girls for their first camping trip.  Pep had made her first sit-upon as a Daisy with a table cloth, duct tape and newspaper stuffing but I wanted to try to do something a little different.

While we were in Joann’s,  Pep saw these really cute reusable shopping bags at check out.  These were more rectangular than square but she loved the pattern (it had an owl on it) and of course a handle/strap.  So she picked up a couple different patterned bags and we trucked to the back of the store to get a huge piece of craft foam and then corresponding duct tape which in this case was yellow.

I had a few girls over for another activity, so we decided to see how hard and how long it would take to stuff them.   We rough measured the craft foam based on the bag and then doubled it to make it 2 inches thick.  After cutting the craft foam with some help, the girls worked on getting the foam inside the bag.   We folded the sides and bottom in to make a nice square sides and bottom and then went heavy on the duct tape.  We did the stop last and I would say they came out pretty nicely.

Pep has had hers going on four years now – and they are still holding on.   Later we made them with the whole group at camp in all shapes and sizes.