Destination Aviation

Pep spent the week on the SunNFun Campus for Destination Aviation.  This is her second year attending and she truly enjoys absorbing as much information about flight into that spongy brain of hers.   They have lessons on flight, spend time on the simulators and on Thursday, they drive over to Vero Beach where they actually get some flight time.   At the end of the week, they present a presentation.  Pep enjoys discussing the “Flight Plan.”  We are just really proud of her for working hard to achieve her dreams!  Pictures Courtesy of Summer Camp Staff at SunNFun.

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Taking Home the Hardware at the Inventor’s Fair

When Science Fair Projects came around, students were giving the option of choosing Science or Inventor’s Fair.  Initially Pep wanted to do both.  All I was thinking was heart-attack before it was over.  Her teacher thought she could handle it, but I couldn’t.   Eventually she settled on the Inventor’s Fair which I totally expected her to choose.  With Pep’s interest in Aviation, she chose to invent the “Aeronautical Safety Module”  This device would work with an app and attach to their headset.  Using holo-technology, it would display navigational stats and if an anomaly occurred during flight it would warn the pilot and give suggestions to correction.   Over half of small plane crashes are due to pilot error and I was really impressed with her idea.  Granted she never made a fully working model – but clay works great for a first design.   At the Thomas Alva Edison Regional Inventor’s Fair,  the kiddo rocked out.  She came home with 1st Place for 6th grade, was the Junior High Division Winner and was the recipient of the James and Eleanor Newton Scholarship valued at $4000 from the Community Foundation of Southwest Florida.  She also brought home two really nice Sony Camera, some cool trophies and is riding in the Edison Festival of Light Parade. And she totally rocked the Darth Vader dress from Hot Topic.  Pretty Cool and Pretty Proud parents!!