The Claw

The Claw by RecordPeakOfficial is the perfect smartphone and camera tripod. I really wasn’t sure it would hold Pep’s Canon camera but it attached securely with the foot and was very sturdy. This portable tripod is perfect for the desk, on the go, at the beach and it can even wrap around an object. Pep was using it to video call with friends and she can even run lines and sing without having to prop the phone up on the desk. The smartphone attachment allows both landscape and portrait mode. Pep even wrapped it around her French horn to put to test it with her tuner and then to record a practice piece with less background noise. It comes with the tripod, the smart phone adjustable holder, a wireless remote, charging cable and a cute carry bag. It was the perfect present for the thespian always recording practice clips for critique.

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I received this product at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.


AquaDance 6″ Chrome Rainfall Showerhead with Filter

I have been wanting to replace the showerhead in our master bath for a while as it was a simple standard showerhead and was getting old and clogged despite almost constant cleaning. Aquadance has some fantastic reviews so I was very excited to try out their 6″ Chrome High Pressure Rainfall Showerhead with filter.

The chrome finish showerhead attaches to the filter which is advertised to last 6-9 months with a family of four or about 10,000 gallons. The showerhead can be adjusted as it has an angle-adjustable ball joint. The jets are also advertised to be self-cleaning rub-clean jets which hopefully will help with lime build-up.

My hubby was skeptical that a rainfall showerhead would have decent water pressure but he agreed to give it a try.  He had this shower head installed in less than eight minutes and it took so long because the old one didn’t want to come off.   We did need to use a little bit of plumber’s tape but overall a very quick install and set up.

We have had this showerhead installed for four days and I can say I absolutely love it and my husband is impressed.   The water jets are high stream and it feels like a massage. I love the mini massage on my scalp washing my hear.  I’m not sure we are using less water because I want to stay in the shower longer.  I’ve also noticed a difference in the smell and taste of our city water so the filter seems to be doing the job.

Get yours here at Amazon.

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I received this product at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.


Vostronics Sport Hook Bluetooth Headphones

We go through way way too many wireless headphones. We only have wired for school chromebooks.  I have a skullcandy wireless headset that I love  but after twenty minutes the tops of my ears hurt. They are too nice to get sweaty so I’m always looking for a pair to wLk in.   Just when I find a pair I like, one the kids, usually Hunter “desperately” needs a replacement.  I normally just let them have mine as my left ear canal appears to be oddly shaped and some earbuds, even on the smallest buds dont sit correctly. So I found these #vostronics  that I could review for a discount. They are noise cancelling, sweatproof, over the ear wireless ear buds. The first time I put them on, I was bummed because they didn’t fit my left ear well, so my daughter claimed them and loves them. They quickly connect, have great sound quality and look nice. They come with apou h and a whitecharging cable as well as various size cushions. I have since reclaimed them and with a little adjustment, can now wear them comfortably. Check them out on amazon here.


Leader Accessories 4 IN 1 Air compressor Tire inflator, Vacuum Cleaner, Digital Tire Pressure Gauge and 12V LED light

I have decided that I operate on a different frequency that the rest of the world. If it is an electronic chip in it, eventually I will burn it out – Just ask my cars, my computers, my fitbits, my cell phones – they all have weird glitch behaviors.

Being stranded on the side of the road with a tire issue is in my list of top 10 things I really wish would never happen. This Leader Accessories 4 in 1 sounded like an awesome car companion.  The device plugs into your 12v so you need to have power to the car.  It comes with several attachments for the vacuum, but my preferred tool was the crevice tool. The bendable hose was not quite flexible enough but was disappointing because the brush attachment would not stay attached.   When the car is on, you just turn on the device and I can have Pep sweeping up her mess in the back seat in no time.

It also has an LED light.  We were shining it during the afternoon, so it didn’t seem too powerful when its still daylight outside but works much better in a low light setting.

Besides the vacuum, I really really like the tire pressure gauge and air compressor.  You hook up the tire gauge cable and it tells you pretty quickly how inflated your tires are. If you need to add air, turn the compressor on and you can add pressure until you turn it off.   The cable is stored in the same bay as the power cord.

Overall, I am really happy with this product.  I did wish the accessory sweeping pieces and the pump needle had an accessory bag.  Right now they are laying in one of the split compartments of my trunk.


I received this product at a discount for my review. My opinions are my own.  Get yours here


XYUN 3D Sleep Mask

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep – five  to eight hours would be ideal.  Me….I would be happy with just an hour or two of solid sleep.   I hate looking at my Fitbit.  “You were restless 462 times….” – I don’t know why it doesn’t count for steps.  So while my hubby and kids get a nice eight hours of sleep or more,  I am a grouchy mom wishing I liked coffee so I could make it through the day.

At night, I need blackness (almost Pitch Black – but not quite).  I am incredibly sensitive to light, noise, movement – I must be thinking the zombie apocalypse is coming.  Add that to my clockwork nightmares and I’m battling the world in sleep mode.  So I was looking for a sleep mask that was comfortable, where I feel like I could breathe and not have it right on top of my eyelids and it needed to really block out light and movement.  So I tried the XYun 3D Sleep Mask.   It’s very soft, doesn’t get tangled in my hair even though it has an adjustable strap and it allows my eyes to blink.   It also blocks out the light and movement.   I am getting a solid hour or two of sleep before the nightmares kick it so that’s a plus.   It also comes with a small pouch and a set of soft moldable ear plugs.

I highly recommend and you could find yours here at amazon.


Pep’s review here:



**I received this product at a discount for review.  all opinions are my own.



4 Inch Playful Green Display Board Letters

Finding solid letters without a pattern in your local stores is almost impossible. The larger letters you do find are stencils or black and white and blocky. My daughter really wanted these bright/lime green playful letters by Trend Enterprises even though they were four inches. They are BIG. Four inches is a significant size. The package comes with both upper and lower case letters. Originally she was going to use all upper case but it just didn’t look right in the space she had so she used lower too. The letters look great and the color is great.

The only downsize is these letters didn’t like to be moved. Even though she measured, she had a spacing issue and needed to shift everything over about an 1 inch. These letters didn’t rip but they did bend. We didn’t replace the letters on her board because she needs them for another project but we have been trying to flatten out the ones she did move so it’s not so noticeable.

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2 Inch Turquoise Letters from Creative Teaching Press

I feel like every fall, we did deeper in our wallets for school supplies for special projects.  This year, Pep will have three display boards by January.  This year, she decided to stay with a similar color scheme for two of her projects so hopefully we will save a little bit of money on letters and cardstock.

This year, she was looking for the green/blue theme.  We checked all the local craft stores and no one had the color or size she was looking for.   For her subtitle for her Science Fair project, we couldn’t find any three inch stickers she liked.  So we started looking on Amazon.

My daughter was looking for a blue/green theme for her display board but we couldn’t find anything locally she liked. She wasn’t sure she was going to like these 2″ Ombre patterned Turquoise stickers letters from Creative Teaching Press or how they would look on a black background. They are actually very eye-catching. They were easy to put on, didn’t easily rip (though you can tear them if you aren’t careful), and they look good. A few days after she put them on, we noticed the “N” and the “W” were upside down and the “W” was actually a “M” – yaaay for patterns. Both stickers removed from the bored with no residue or removing of the board and were easily replaced. She really likes the way they look. They are capital letters and there are no punctuation marks.



JKLcom JKLcom 1ML Small Mini Tall Clear Glass Bottles/Jars with Corks Stoppers

I have bought hundreds of small glass vials as we have used them for a variety of crafts and SWAPs for Girl Scouts. Normally I buy them off of ebay but I needed 100 of them in a hurry so I bought these 1ML ones here on Amazon. When they arrived – it comes with the corks, the eye screws and the vials. Putting the eye-screws in each cork is time consuming, but this is an added bonus and saved me from ordering eye-screws that might not be the right size.

I had a couple of issues. I bought two 100 packs and had at least five or six vials broken when they were unpacked. I was surprised they just came in an envelope loosly in a bag. The glass seems to be very thin. The corks did not securely fit in the vials. We had to shave a few. I wish I had packed glue with me, because i should have glued all the corks into the vials. Some of the corks were very short and we had a few eye-screws split the bottom of the corks.

Overall – the vials served their purpose for our craft project



StickTackMag Magnetic Push Pins


I used to be a stickler for organization.  The fridge and pantry – color coded.  Closets were color coded, file folders and binders had color coded sticky tags to identify important documents and sections – and my calendar – was color coded to the max.   At one point even my to-do list was color coded.   That very organized momma has been replaced by the momma who has three calendars and still runs around like a headless chicken.  I have my trusty phone calendar which syncs with my tablet.  Then I have an expensive spiral calendar that sits in my bag with pretty stickers that I don’t use.  Then I have the dry erase board calendar in my bedroom which is supposed to give me a glimpse of my day but I  get tired of writing things repeatedly. Enter these cute PushPin magnets by StickTackMag.

When I originally saw these, I was planning on using them on my fridge to leave notes to my son to quit eating the snacks in his sister’s basket (they each have their own basket in the fridge).  However, when I opened these magnets, I totally changed my mind.

There are 35 magnets in a small bag.  They are surprisingly strong little magnets and come in Clear, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, and Yellow). Strength wise – these two little magnets are holding up 7 sheets of paper in a sheet protector. Not bad at all.!

My dry erase board is a mess. I like bright bold colors and my dry erase markers just dry out too fast. So I erased a few area and using the 7 colors – I created categories across the top.  And now my dry erase board looks like colorful little chess pawns and I didn’t have to keep rewriting Thespians, Chorus, CAP, etc.   My dry erase markers keep drying up so I love this idea.  I need about 8 more colors though.  I still will need to write some info in as daddy dearest often deletes my calendar invites (and then wonders where we are).

I love these little magnets and I would love some more – In more colors too.

I received this product at a discount for my honest opinion.  My opinions are my own.

Get yours here



Review: Ancord Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM


Let’s face it.  Our cell phones and laptops just dont pump out the sound we want when it comes to movies and music.  We like the idea of surround sound (ok so maybe it’s just me).  Santa brought my kids JBL Flip2s a few years ago and I will be totally honest, I loved that speaker.  My son totally destroyed his though within a year at too many basketball pick up games as the speaker filled with dust and grit.  So we have been searching for a bluetooth speaker that could handle the rough and tumble of an aspie athlete’s backpack.  We’ve gone through several and maybe the sound is ok but it wont survive Hunter.  Then I saw this Ancord Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with FM radio. This little speaker is awesome!!!  It’s a little rugged which I like.   After the speaker comes on with the infamous Bluetooth lady pairing voice, it paired in under 20 seconds.
We launched into an obnoxious mp3 and as my hubby played with the volume, I was tossing the speaker and dropping it.  When you advertise Waterproof, Drop proof, Dustproof and Shockproof, you just can’t resist.  Those terms are needed to be Hunter proof.  The speaker didn’t even glitch once during all of the testing.  The sound is amazing, it even kicks a little bass. I can crank it up halfway and hear it downstairs. I even tested it with the Green Lantern movie which has a notoriously low audio track and you could actually hear it without having to max out your speakers.  The switch to FM was a breeze and then switch to an SD card and switch back and it remembers my FM station.  My only complaint is I didn’t get it in orange!  I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.  I love this 🔊!!!! #ancord #Bluetooth #speaker #travelmust
Check it out on Amazon here