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Advil Menstrual Pain Reliever

I have always had horribly painful and heavy periods.  While my friends were out having a blast, I would be home soaking in a tub or curled up in a tight ball cursing Mother Eve for these awful horrible cramps, aches and pounding headaches.  Over the last twenty plus years, they have gotten longer, heavier and to the point where sometimes I can barely move or get out of bed.  Nothing – and I mean nothing has worked.  Unfortunately, I am not a suffer in silence person.  My poor family.  So when I was given the opportunity to sample the new Advil® Menstrual Pain Reliever for free and give my honest review – I was willing to try, but admittedly I was very skeptical because Advil® had never even put a dent in those cramps.

The bottle indicated you should only take one which was difficult for me but I wanted to follow the directions the first time round.  The pills are small and have a slightly different coating than the original Advil, but no after-taste and very easy to swallow.  I started feeling better within the first thirty minutes and after about an hour, I was able to get out of bed. It did not take away the cramps completely but they were at least to a dull ache where I could do some laundry and drive to get the kids.  My second dose later was two pills right before bed time.  Sleep is often non existent during the cramping phase but I was out within thirty minutes and actually slept for several hours pain free, which was a first.    I did take two the following morning and was able to function throughout the morning into the afternoon sans aches, cramps and pounding headache.  Whatever they did in modifying their formula has really worked.   I’m very impressed and Advil® Menstrual Pain will now be a stocked pain reliever in our home.

I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.


Harry Potter Snitch Necklace

I love Harry Potter. I can discuss the books and the movies at length.  Pep though is a true Harry Potter fan.  She will cosplay with the best of them in real world and online, even in Minecraft.  She owns way, way too much Harry Potter gear but one thing we were missing was a Snitch.  IMG_20170806_160736944_TOP

She has been looking at Golden Snitch necklaces for a while but we just hadn’t gotten around to buying one.  I found a Golden Snitch necklace on BabiesrHere so we purchased one in gold rather than the other option for silver/gold.


The “snitch” itself is a shiny gold color. I am not sure how it is going to hold up down here in such humid Florida weather but we will see.  The wings are more muted and they kind of hang and fall over the “snitch” so my daughter has to keep moving them.  She is concerned about the chain breaking so we will probably replace it.


Overall, she is happy with the purchase.   You can get yours here:

Popular Harry Potter Necklace Men Vintage Style Angel Wing Charm Golden Snitch Pendent Necklace For Men Necklace Tainless Chain



Multi layer Owl Charm Leather Bracelets

My daughter Pep loves owls.  She went through a phase where she would only wear owl themed shirts, earrings and necklaces.  On BabiesRHere, I found the cutest Owl Leather Infinity bracelet and the leather bands were turquoise (her 2nd favorite color)!!!

These multi-layer charm bracelets are Pep’s favorite type.  We have bought several different types and brands over the past few years but after a few wears, the clasp has broken or the leather has broke.  I immediately noticed a difference with this bracelet.


The clasp is a quality clasp and very sturdy.  The leather appears to be securely attached and did not break with a gentle tug.

IMG_20170806_160950819IMG_20170806_160940116 (1)

Overall the bracelet is very cute and my daughter loves it.  Check it out here:




Dove® Blueberry & Vanilla Cashew Mix

I am not a cranberry fan – at all.  Thanksgiving rolls around and I refuse to make cranberry sauce.  I’m not a huge blueberry fan either – even with chocolate.  I am a strawberry and anything kind of gal.  But that status has officially changed as of yesterday.

We were in BJs yesterday picking up bulk boxes of lunch box items that probably wont last the first week of school and it just happened to be during sample time.  I do the shopping and my daughter and hubby walk go sample everything first.

One of the samples yesterday was this Dove® Chocolate Blueberry & Vanilla Cashew Mix.  The kind gentleman offered me a sample which I stated no thank you because I read the word cranberries. I told him I wasn’t a huge Cranberry or Blueberry fan.  He stated he wasn’t either, but he mentioned he liked this mix.  As I love vanilla and cashews, I decided it wouldn’t hurt.


I don’t even taste the cranberries.  I do taste the blueberry infusion and the cashews. There is hint of vanilla and the Dove®

dark chocolate.   It is delicious.  It is yummy.  It ended up in my cart.  I’m surprised it made it home with out being opened. I am refusing to share this bag — which I fear will be gone before tomorrow.

There are not as many cashews as I would like.  I would like more of a 60/40 ratio of chocolate blueberry infused cranberry to cashew. Instead this particular had around 75/25 ratio.  Still delicious and now my hubby has the bag and I probably wont get it back.  Ooops now my daughter has grabbed the bag.  It’s all over – bye by bag of yummy!

I’m just going to keep telling myself that I am getting my fruit intake.  So Good!!!!


Totally love these new BIC Gelocity Pens!!!

I will be honest.  My calendars have to be color-coded.   I loved the original Microsoft Outlook because it had categories you could color-code.  My phone and tablet calendars all had to have apps that can be color coded and I have been teaching my daughter to color code her planner.  In fact – to keep me off my phone and more organized, I just bought another physical paper planner so I can color code – but that means I needed some new pens.  Bright, Colorful and gel pens preferably.  I totally dislike regular pens and prefer at least .7 mm gel pens.  My daughter has some thin gel pens but I really don’t like them – and then I saw the Smiley360 mission for the Bic Gelocity pens.  Smiley360 matches consumers with new products and provides them free samples which and in return, we give honest reviews.

I love color and I still love to color (so much I bought a new Bible I can color in).  I was so excited to receive the mission.

The Bic Gelocity Pen pack came with a coloring sheet and some coupons which I plan to share.  The pen pack included pink, purple and turquoise colored pens and I can say honestly, these pens are FANTASTIC!!!!   They are vibrant, they are colorful and best of all – they do NOT smear.  This alone is the reason I love them so much because I am left handed and all gel pens have a tendency to smear.  They are definitely on my lists to pick up this weekend for my planner and bible coloring, my daughter’s planner and will probably grab some for my girl scout troop as well as my girls love to journal everything in color!!!

Great Job Bic!!!





Charmin Ultra GentleToilet Paper

I didn’t grow up using Charmin.  I can’t remember what toilet paper we used, but as I lived in the middle of nowhere and had well/septic it had to be septic-safe and that never seemed to feel good.   When I met with husband 17 plus years ago, he was using a brand like Charmin Aloe & E.  It was a little more expensive, and at the time I balked because we were on a tight budget and there weren’t a lot of coupons. He wasn’t willing to give it up -so we started using it.  And though we have strayed a few times, the now Charmin Ultra Gentle is the only toilet paper we will buy.  It is soft – isn’t rough, doesn’t hurt, is thick enough that your hand isn’t going to come away yucky and works great for runny noses.

I have even started traveling with a roll because I can’t stand hotel toilet paper.  And it never hurts to have some Charmin Wipes just in case.   Fantastic products !!!



Idol Eyes Kid Aviator Glasses from @shoplivinwell

We quickly learned that part of Pep’s requisites in learning to fly would involve aviator sunglasses.  We are currently on pair six or seven.  Some have been cheaply made, some have been too big, and one pair she just lost.  So we are in-search of a quality pair of aviators.

We received a pair of Idol Eyes Kid Aviator Glasses from Livin’Well. They are the preferred color of gold and I can honestly say they are very well made.

Pep currently has them with her, but you can catch Pep’s review of them here.


Color Crafts – Liquid Chalk Markers

We use chalk markers for a lot of projects – for both school and girl scouts.  I normally buy them from Joann’s but even with coupons I found I was spending too much money to get a variety of colors.

I found these Color Craft – Liquid Chalk Markers for a decent price.  There are 10 colors to choose from, including black.  I normally use them on a black chalkboard type background but if you are using them on glass or another surface, black is good.

They have chisel tips so they can write both bold and fine.  I tested them out on my daughter’s bedroom door chalkboard just to get an idea.   This was a quick test so I wasn’t working to get a specific look as I would with other projects.  All of the colors look great except the orange.  It was very runny, not only on the board, but literally all over my hand.  It is also not a vibrant popping color and barely stands out on the black board.  Other than this disappointment, I am very happy with the other nine colors and would purchase these again.






Cookies for any occasion…The Sweetest One of All…

Several years ago (well a while longer now),  Pep wanted to do a cake decorating class at Michaels and we met a Wilton Decorator named Nancy.   Nancy is very talented and is also a cookie artist.  Several years ago, she started The Sweetest One of All and now does custom orders (you have to get your orders and bookings in ASAP because she fills up fast).  We LOVE LOVE LOVE her cookies!   I don’t have pictures of all our cookies, but she did custom music cookies for our Teacher Appreciation Day.  We have also ordered Valentine and Easter cookies.

This past fall we ordered Harry Potter Cookies for Pep’s Birthday celebration with her friends and they were a huge hit.   We have just placed an order for a new theme for this year’s birthday celebration and I can’t wait until November.

I can’t find my pictures, but this one is from her Instagram feed the .

She is so very talented, if you are local, you should definitely check her out!!



Tactical LED Pen by Survival Hax


My daughter loves the outdoors – if she’s not camping,  she’s trekking through the woods on a “mission” or she is drilling or running obstacles courses.  As she gets older, most of these events she is doing on her own, sans mom. So when this Tactical LED Pen by Survial Hax was in the mailbox, she was pretty excited. I was excited too.

The pen arrived in a manila padded envelope and inside was this box. The box was in good condition and the pen was in a fitted cut-out tray which held the pen. It was great they added a thumb-hole to remove the pen.

It is a multi-function tool.  Pep asked for a “multi-tool” for Christmas last year so this adds to her collection of devices that serve more than one task.   On the top is your flashlight and firestarter which comes-on with a slight twist to the left.  There is also a replaceable battery.  We opted not to practice the fire-starting right now – but I am sure she will be “testing” that portion out in the future.

The bottom end has your glass breaker and your self defense tool.  This pen is sturdy and has weight behind it so even my daughter would be able to break glass if need be.  The pen is revealed by unscrewing the bottom end with the glass breaker. The pen also writes nicely once you get used to the heavier weight.  The pen ink is also refillable.



The design is clean and simple.   It’s a great device for camping, emergencies, hurricane season and even to toss in your bag.  Check out my review on you tube and pick yours up at Amazon today!