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2 Inch Turquoise Letters from Creative Teaching Press

I feel like every fall, we did deeper in our wallets for school supplies for special projects.  This year, Pep will have three display boards by January.  This year, she decided to stay with a similar color scheme for two of her projects so hopefully we will save a little bit of money on letters and cardstock.

This year, she was looking for the green/blue theme.  We checked all the local craft stores and no one had the color or size she was looking for.   For her subtitle for her Science Fair project, we couldn’t find any three inch stickers she liked.  So we started looking on Amazon.

My daughter was looking for a blue/green theme for her display board but we couldn’t find anything locally she liked. She wasn’t sure she was going to like these 2″ Ombre patterned Turquoise stickers letters from Creative Teaching Press or how they would look on a black background. They are actually very eye-catching. They were easy to put on, didn’t easily rip (though you can tear them if you aren’t careful), and they look good. A few days after she put them on, we noticed the “N” and the “W” were upside down and the “W” was actually a “M” – yaaay for patterns. Both stickers removed from the bored with no residue or removing of the board and were easily replaced. She really likes the way they look. They are capital letters and there are no punctuation marks.



Camping Buckets

To finish off her summer vacation, Pep and a friend are going on their first Primitive Camping trip which involves a canoe and a river.  Rather than a hiking backpack,  camp recommended two five gallon buckets to store gear in.

Five gallon buckets are cheaper than a decent hiking backpack so off to home depot I went to grab two 5 gallon Homer Buckets.  The buckets were $2.97 a piece but then you have to buy the lids – so it was a little over $10 for both.

We then came home and decided they needed some color so out came the duct tape.  In hindsight, we should have used a darker duct tape because of the orange, but at least she will definitely know which two buckets are hers.   We normally put a cushion on them, but skipped it for now.  If they survive the trip, we will make seat cushions for them after she comes home.



Adding a little color….to our notebooks

Pepper loves school – since pre-school.   We have to keep her busy during the summers because she has never been a child that can just enjoy vegging (unlike my older one who could sleep for a millennia and eat all day while playing video games.)   She enjoys shopping for school supplies, spending my money on PBTeen for backpacks, lunchboxes and storage containers.  This year though, Pep has been home less than a ten days all summer so mom is now stepping so there will be less to do when she gets back four days before school starts.

Pep plays French horn and this year and we know she will need a black binder for her Wind Ensemble music and a probable binder for Chorus music.  We had a larger binder last year for sheet music but it was bulky and took up too much space in her backpack as she was in the band room almost every day before school.    Walgreens had a BOGO sale on their Wexford View Binders for $1.99 and then had 50 count Wexford Poly Sheet Protectors for $.99 – which are perfect for holding sheet music.  So $3 later -and we are all ready for our music based classes – but black binders are boring (I can hear her saying it.)

So off to Bing we go to search for free wallpaper images and clip art.  So first I perused the French horn pictures, finally finding one that I thought I would print well.  The second image took a little more time.  I toyed between musical quotes, band lyrics, musical clip art and then found settled for the soundwave image with music notes.

All they needed was just a little bit of color……and we are all set!




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End of Year Award Baskets

Every year, I try to do something different for our end-of-year awards.   As we are a smaller troop now, and not a bridging year, I was looking for something simple.

Pep and I found these bluish-green baskets at the dollar store and we picked up popsicle sticks and some foam flower blocks and Runts Candy.   We had also found these coasters in the dollar bin at Joann’s along with some Font stickers.  We hot glued the patches to the popsicle sticks (which I probably wont do again because they were hard to get off).

We added the 100 years of Girl Scout Cookie glass, cookie bandana, and then we found the Trefoil cookie cutter on clearance at the Girl Scout online store.



Saving the Electronic cords…..

I know they have those soft tubes to stick all of your electronic cables into for computers but they don’t seem to work well when all of the outlets on your surge strip are for different devices.  I loved the cordless charging triangle we had but then it required laying flat and it only worked for certain devices so you are back to multiple cords. Add the lamp, alarm clock, tablet, cell and notebook cables and under your desk is mess. And of course Pep pulls her cables out from the bottom and has them go from the front of desk so her lovely computer chair constantly run over the cables. Then she’s like “mom, why is my cable not working?”  DUH!!!  Sooooo – to fix crimping cable problems I took some industrial strength VELCRO® Brand sticky tabs and attached her surge protector to the underside of her desk.  Cables now come up over the back of the desk and no more cables being ran over and crimped by her chair.   Love   products, especially the sticky back!!!sticky tabs and attached her surge protector to the underside of her desk. Cables now come up over the back of the desk and no more cables being ran over and crimped by her chair. Love VELCRO® Brand products, especially the sticky back!!!  I would have loved to have a before picture, but I was forbidden from posting.

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History Day Project

They say some people do their best work during the “crunch time” or we she just got lucky with the procrastination. Originally she wanted to do the drama presentation but she ran out of time. A due date error that turned what was supposed to be four weeks into five days to finish a project really caused a little bit of stress so we ended up with a cardboard display board which she said she will never use again. She ran into a lot of issues with the paper not wanting to stick to the cardboard even with glue dots and photo sticky backs and you name it.

She learned a lot for her first year entering the History Fair but what really helped her project was the sticky back VELCRO® Brand. Not only did it secure all of the items in her display case to prevent them sliding all over the place when moved (except the chain), it was great on the display board when she thought she might need to move an item. Next year’s entry will have panels and it will make it even easier to attach the panels.



Macaroni Penguin Diorama and Costume

One of Pep’s favorite projects was during their Penguin unit in 2nd Grade. She was assigned the Macaroni Penguin and had to complete online research, a costume and a diorama. This was due the day before the Edison Regional Inventor’s Fair at FGCU and the day before we left for our cruise. Fun!  The research was pretty easy. She had to create the diorama and include natural resources.  The penguin also had to be created and could not be store bought so she used pipe cleaners. I love watching her creativity at work because the parents werent really supposed to help. The day before the project was due, she told me she needed a real penguin costume – so here we are free drawing, helping her sew and stuffing — Overstuffing this huge penguin. I wasn’t teaching her to put a zipper in — so VELCRO® Brand  to the rescue and to help hold the wings in place.   Occasionally, I might get to help cut or help sew a little bit but have to admit, I love having her in gifted because she has become so open to new ideas and if something doesn’t work, she just keeps working until she finds something she likes.2013-01-19_20-12-14_908

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Pep’s Cookie Booth!

When Pepper was a Brownie, she wanted a different style of cookie booth. After looking at hundreds of “booths” online and Pinterest, Pep settled on crates.

We found some wood crates at Joann’s. She then chose spray paint based on Little Brownie Baker cookie boxes colors and spray painted each crate a different color.  Using zip-ties, she stood three crates together vertically and secured them with zip-ties. And left the other two crates loose.

We then found some black chalkboard pieces and she made her advertisements for her cookie booth.  She secured them to the crates with VELCRO® Brand sticky Velcro so they could be removed if needed or changed.

2014 Cookie Season (15)

We have used these crates for cookie booths over the last four years. She changes the chalkboards or adds to them every year, including her Mints for the Military donation crate.


Desk Organizer Gifts

We try really hard in recycling objects around the house into cool crafts gifts.

This particular project used nut canisters (left over from GS Nut sale), ribbon, scrapbook paper, inexpensive wooden frames, unfinished wood words, paint, hot glue gun and modge podge.

Pep picked scrapbook paper with similar colors and used one pattern for the canister and a second for the bed of the organizer.  The edge of the frame was trimmed in ribbon.   After using modge podgeto put the scrapbook paper on.  She glued the canister to the organizer.

She then painted the wood words a coordinating color and glued them to the front.  Adorable teacher gifts for their desk.


Valentine’s Day Cards from Shutterfly

February is a bad time to take a cruise when so many school projects are due.  My daughter was in 2nd grade and on top of the penguin research, costume and diorama, and the upcoming Valentine’s Day big card and special made box all due before we left,  Pep wanted to design a Valentine’s Day card rather than buying them. Of course she did.  Wow – that gets expensive.  I found this really cute template from Erin Bradley Designs  for 5.00.  It was perfect since Pep loves anything that has an owl on it.  Pep and I designed her Valentine’s Day card in Photoshop and then we uploaded to Shutterfly and took advantage of 101 free prints, printing her 4×6 card as a matte photo.