Jinweishun Sviuse Women’s Summer Strapless Sleeveless V-neck Casual Split Sexy Beach Prom High Maxi Long Dress

Over the years, Pep has gone through multiple phases of clothing.  When she was little, it was skirts and tops and knee high socks and cute hair bows and pigtails.  Then it was tunics and leggings.  A year later, the leggings itched all the time.  Then it’s been jeans and t-shirt and in middle school the required polo and button downs.  Then she found Hot Topic and we were back to dresses of sorts.  They are all character themed of course.

But HT doesn’t carry a lot of plain colored clothing items.  And Pep looks great in bold colors like orange.  When I saw this dress, I thought it would be a cute party cover up for her HP swimsuit.

This dress is polyester with a little bit of spandex.  It has a very flirty skirt.  The v cut in the front is low so you are showing a lot of skin.  Which is why I thought it would be good for a beach party cover up.  However, Pep doesn’t like it at all.  She wouldn’t even let me see it other than she said it showed everything and she didn’t want another one.   We did get the small. She did say a medium would be too big in the top.

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I am going to give it to my niece who is a little less curvy than my daughter and see if she will wear it.

I received this product at a discount for a review. All opinions are mine or my daughter’s as the dress was bought for her.



Lobkin Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

I have a pair of Hesh Wireless SkullCandy over the ear headphones that I absolutely love but don’t like to get sweaty in them and have to stop wearing them after an hour because they start to hurt.  Then when I find a pair of wireless earbuds I like, Hunter has taken Pep’s wireless headphones/earbuds/speaker etc…and then managed to destroy them in a few days and blame her.  This is after he has gone destructo mundo on his own gear. Matt calls this manipulation, I just look at it as another aspect of living with Autism Spectrum disorder.  Anywhooo.

Case in point – I had just ordered another pair of Bluetooth earbuds similar to my hubby’s and within a week, Pep is using them.  I told her to keep them since her running headset was ruined by her sweet brother (though I don’t think on purpose.) So this momma bear has been on the look out for a new pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Found these Lobkin Neckband Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon.  This is my first neckband headset. My hubby has had a couple different pairs he has used for work. The first two pair he had would just get sweaty and feel heavy on the neck when I wore them. This Lobkin Neckband is very lightweight and better yet is designed to be sweat proof.  It has this really cool hydrophobic nano coasting which almost feels like it is silicone base to make it water resistant.  In Southwest Florida between the humidity, the sweat, the rain, the heat index, the rain, the dripping humidity……well its just a pretty awesome feature.

This Lobkin neckband also touts Bluetooth 4.2, noise cancelling and a good 9 hours of playback time which means it will last your whole day or maybe a little more if you are just using for music or working out.  The headphones connected quickly to both my tablet and phone so that part was cake.  I didn’t take calls on them but am pretty sure it will work well.  The sound quality for the music and the movie I watched was solid and not tinny.

Overall, the Lobkin Neckband Headphones seem to be pretty decent and well made.

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WebSun 60 Second Salad Chopper

I love salad. All through my second pregnancy we lived at Sweet Tomatoes. I like having a wide variety to choose from. I like the choices of egg, cheese, green peas, pasta noodles, corn, cucumbers, radishes, broccoli. Yum.

If I want salad, I much prefer Sweet Tomatoes or the Ruby Tuesday salad bar, but it gets expensive, especially when it’s three or four people. But I don’t always have ready everything I like on my salad. I hate cutting vegetables and I hate the mess, and how quickly veggies can go bad. But I can’t afford eating out all the time right now.

So WebSun makes one of those simple 60 second salad choppers. Put you veggies in, wash (I did beforehand) and then place the base on, flip over, and chop. Then rotate 90 degrees and repeat. Mine was a little too full so it didn’t rotate as well. There is a “juice moat” to collect any juices.

This one had a large onion, romaine, a decent sized tomato and carrot chips. Currently cooking up some chicken for a grilled chicken 🥗.

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I received this product at a discount. All opinions are my own.


AncordWorks AW01 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Our household is heavy on the playing music. We probably go through 10-15 pairs of headphones a year and 10-12 portable speakers. I would compromise sound quality for a cheap price but as we all know cheap doesn’t always mean decent quality. A few months ago, I tried a speaker from Ancord Works and really liked it.
I was looking for a speaker Hunter couldn’t destroy. This one comes pretty close The AW01 AncordWorks Shower/Outdoor Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and rugged. It comes with both carabiner and suction cup. I was able to easily sync with my Droid turbo phone and my Samsung tablet. Idropped it and soaked it in the shower. It’s been playing beautifully while soaked over an hour. Also comes with USB cable and brick an 8gb Microsd card and reader. There is a small door where the charging cable and microcard go. This is my third AncordWorks speaker and they are on on par with our JBL quality wise. Pep will probably try to sneak off with it cus it’s camo green. Impressed 🎶🎵🔊🔊

The speaker also comes with an one year warranty so if there are any issues they can be resolved.
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I received this item at a discount. Opinions are my own!!


Ocoatton Underwear Briefs

As an athlete, my son prefers compression style boxers.  I wish he wouldn’t wear them all the time.  He wanted the snugness and fit of compression boxers but the feel of a soft pair of boxers.  So he decided to give these Ocoatton Underwear Briefs . 

Shipped as a three pack, these briefs have a 1.38 inch waistband which fits snugly but doesn’t leave marks. My son just moved from a 32 to a 33 1/2 inch waist.  These briefs are listed as  95% cotton and 5% spandex.  They did not appear to shrink to much.  They are snug at the bottom leg cuff. If he had thicker thighs, I’m not sure how they would fit.  Overall, he is quite happy with them.

I received this product at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.   #rankboosterreviews #sponsored #ocoatton



Ceenwes Touch Screen Vanity Mirror


I remember makeup mirrors when I was a child but didn’t seem near as cool as they are now.  Pep has had an eye on this Ceenwes Vanity Mirror for a while.  She was looking for something with magnification to help with those pesky eyebrows that are constantly growing.

This vanity mirror is a little different. It has:  1x magnification in the middle panel, 2x on the top left, 3x on the bottom left and then a small round mirror that attaches via suction copy and has a 10x magnification.  The stand is very sturdy and allow the mirror to be tilted to your desires angle.  In addition there are 21 LED lights that are powered via USB (yes USB) or 4 “AAA” batteries.  The LED lights have a touchscreen sensor to turn them up, and with a long press of the button they can also be dimmed.  (it took me a few times to get this right – but that was my old age – not the product itself).

The base of the mirror also has a little tray so it can hold tweezers, earrings, mascara, small makeup brushes, things you might be using the mirror for.

The makeup mirror also has a 2 year warranty for the lighting which is actually pretty awesome.  Pep would have preferred Camo color over pink, but I think she will be very happy with it.

Find yours on Amazon:

I received this product at a discount for review.  All opinions are own.



Vellostar Watermelon Slicer/Tongs


Pep’s favorite fruit is watermelon. The moment it starts hitting the markets in early summer, we have watermelon in our house through early fall. Normally we scoop or chop up into squares but Pep has spent a great amount of time on Pinterest as she gets older and has seen all of the “neat” hacks for cutting her favorite fruit.

The Vellostar Watermelon Slicer serves as both slicer and tongs. It has a thin wirelike rod (like a cheese cutter)which slicers through as you turn down and pull towards you. Then you flip the slicer over and use the tongs to pick the slice up. Easy Breezy Right? The only downside is that being three days before Christmas, I couldn’t find a watermelon anywhere so we had to test it out on a cantaloupe.

The cantaloupe the hubby picked up was a little harder than normal. The cutter did slice through but it was a little awkward as the cantaloupe was so much smaller than even a smaller watermelon. It did make slicers though. If the slicer had a little more rigidity, I think it would be pretty nifty on the slightly harder melons like cantaloupe and honey dew. It should be perfect for watermelon and even spongy items like pound cake or chocolate cake.

The slicer comes with two smaller fruit forks and an orange peeler which is guaranteed to get plenty of use in our house.

Find your slicer here on Amazon:


I received this product at a discount for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Diffuser

The hubby is not big on scents.  I love love love them!!!  However, with the exception of car scents (primarily in my car only), I have lost the war on scenting my house.  Around the holidays, I could get away with some cinnamon or apple cider scents but toothpaste, cleaning products etc –especially with citrus and he balks.

When Pep and I were planning the Breathe Journey for Girl Scouts,  we ordered some essential oils off Amazon for a few projects.  We didn’t get a diffuser at the time because it wasn’t needed.  I didn’t really need or want anything fancy and didn’t want to pay a lot of money either.  So when I saw the Ceenwes Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Diffuser , I thought I would give it a try.

It’s really simple. The top comes off and you fill the tub with water. I started with two of the measuring cups full and then added some drops of essential oil, in this case Peppermint because of Christmas being a few days away.  I pushed the mist button twice to get it on high and the setting for 120 minutes.  It took a few minutes but then I began to really smell the peppermint.  A few button pushes on the left side changed the colors on the diffuser.  Within twenty minutes my whole upstairs smelled fantastic.

You can find  this diffuser here on Amazon.


Silicone BrushEgg

When Pep started shopping at Ulta and wearing make-up outside of cheer competitions, a little over a year ago, it was just simple mascara and lip-gloss and maybe a little powder.  Fast forward to today and she has two full sets of make-up brushes, concealer, powder, primer, blender eggs, eye colors, liners and some things I don’t think I have ever heard of.   I’m glad that 90% of the time, she doesn’t wear anything but mascara but when she does – it’s like one of those beauty videos – and everything now is applied with a brush or an egg.

This cute little silicone Brushegg slips over two fingers.  Apply a little shampoo/dish soap to the egg and dip the brush in water and then gently swirl and scrub.   Pep’s brushes were definitely in need of a cleaning and she was able to clean her first sit of 10+ brushes in around 20 minutes.   Just remember to rinse the brushes, pat dry and shape them back to their original shape before they dry completely. Putting them over the edge of the counter or table helps both sides dry too.  She much preferred using the egg to running them constantly under the sink with no real friction other than fingertips.

Find your Brushegg on Amazon.

I received this product at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.



INNX Trunk Storage Net

When Pep gave up cheer, I thought we would finally cut down the time in our car.  Then Hunter started taking classes at tech school and suddenly I’m spending four plus hours in the car a day between Pep, Hunter and taking care of my mom.  From food to clothes to papers to the pile of mail, I feel like my car has become a hot mess.

Enter these simple Storage Nets from INNX .  With two secure and wide pieces on each side, they attach securely to the carpet portion of your trunk (or backset if you have a carpeted area). This product only included 1 storage net but they do ship in sets of two as well.   They are easily adjustable and movable.  One net could hold two to three water bottles easily.   It is also easy to store items such as first aid kits, cleaning supplies.

The storage net measures 15.7″ by 10″ inches and attaches to the carpeted area of your car.  If you don’t have carpet on the back of the front driver and passenger seat the storage net wont stick.

The storage nets are great because they can also be removed and stored when not in use.  Find yours here on Amazon:

The storage net also comes with a lifetime warranty.

I received this item at a discount for review. All opinions are my own.