Simpizia 17 Piece Leather Sewing Tool Kit


When I was little, my dad used to make all sorts of leather working projects.  We had handmade wallets, key wallet, key rings, quivers, change purses, purses, belts with our names embossed) and beautiful, beautiful patterns. You name it, my dad could make it.

It seems over time though, leather working has become a lost art.  I was looking for a simple starter kit that I would add to over time as I basically would be starting all over.

The Leather Sewing Tool Kit by Simpizia is a 17 piece kit that covers all of your starter needs.  All of the craft tools have wooden or steel handles making them incredibly sturdy.  There are two spacer tools, an adjustable stitching groover, burnishing, scratch and sewing awls, and a jerk needle.  The set also comes with beeswax for your thread, leather needles, scissors, finger cots, a thimble, a grinding polish tool, hairballs, and three colors of thread.  All the items can be stored in the small black storage bag.

The finger cots fit my fingers great but are a little small for my husband’s large hands. They fit my teenage daughter comfortably.    I highly recommend using the finger cots and thimble because the tools are very sharp (as they need to be).   Just messing around with the scratching awl, I easily traced a pattern into a small piece of leather just as a test.  My daughter also started tracing a pattern that she will later make into some type of pouch or holder. The tools are easy for her to use.

We need to add a few stamping pieces to this set, but so far we are enjoying our journey back into leather-working.  This 17 piece kit can be found on Amazon.

I received this product at a discount for review. My opinions are my own based on product testing.


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