Harry Potter Snitch Necklace

I love Harry Potter. I can discuss the books and the movies at length.  Pep though is a true Harry Potter fan.  She will cosplay with the best of them in real world and online, even in Minecraft.  She owns way, way too much Harry Potter gear but one thing we were missing was a Snitch.  IMG_20170806_160736944_TOP

She has been looking at Golden Snitch necklaces for a while but we just hadn’t gotten around to buying one.  I found a Golden Snitch necklace on BabiesrHere so we purchased one in gold rather than the other option for silver/gold.


The “snitch” itself is a shiny gold color. I am not sure how it is going to hold up down here in such humid Florida weather but we will see.  The wings are more muted and they kind of hang and fall over the “snitch” so my daughter has to keep moving them.  She is concerned about the chain breaking so we will probably replace it.


Overall, she is happy with the purchase.   You can get yours here:

Popular Harry Potter Necklace Men Vintage Style Angel Wing Charm Golden Snitch Pendent Necklace For Men Necklace Tainless Chain



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