Dove® Blueberry & Vanilla Cashew Mix

I am not a cranberry fan – at all.  Thanksgiving rolls around and I refuse to make cranberry sauce.  I’m not a huge blueberry fan either – even with chocolate.  I am a strawberry and anything kind of gal.  But that status has officially changed as of yesterday.

We were in BJs yesterday picking up bulk boxes of lunch box items that probably wont last the first week of school and it just happened to be during sample time.  I do the shopping and my daughter and hubby walk go sample everything first.

One of the samples yesterday was this Dove® Chocolate Blueberry & Vanilla Cashew Mix.  The kind gentleman offered me a sample which I stated no thank you because I read the word cranberries. I told him I wasn’t a huge Cranberry or Blueberry fan.  He stated he wasn’t either, but he mentioned he liked this mix.  As I love vanilla and cashews, I decided it wouldn’t hurt.


I don’t even taste the cranberries.  I do taste the blueberry infusion and the cashews. There is hint of vanilla and the Dove®

dark chocolate.   It is delicious.  It is yummy.  It ended up in my cart.  I’m surprised it made it home with out being opened. I am refusing to share this bag — which I fear will be gone before tomorrow.

There are not as many cashews as I would like.  I would like more of a 60/40 ratio of chocolate blueberry infused cranberry to cashew. Instead this particular had around 75/25 ratio.  Still delicious and now my hubby has the bag and I probably wont get it back.  Ooops now my daughter has grabbed the bag.  It’s all over – bye by bag of yummy!

I’m just going to keep telling myself that I am getting my fruit intake.  So Good!!!!


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