Totally love these new BIC Gelocity Pens!!!

I will be honest.  My calendars have to be color-coded.   I loved the original Microsoft Outlook because it had categories you could color-code.  My phone and tablet calendars all had to have apps that can be color coded and I have been teaching my daughter to color code her planner.  In fact – to keep me off my phone and more organized, I just bought another physical paper planner so I can color code – but that means I needed some new pens.  Bright, Colorful and gel pens preferably.  I totally dislike regular pens and prefer at least .7 mm gel pens.  My daughter has some thin gel pens but I really don’t like them – and then I saw the Smiley360 mission for the Bic Gelocity pens.  Smiley360 matches consumers with new products and provides them free samples which and in return, we give honest reviews.

I love color and I still love to color (so much I bought a new Bible I can color in).  I was so excited to receive the mission.

The Bic Gelocity Pen pack came with a coloring sheet and some coupons which I plan to share.  The pen pack included pink, purple and turquoise colored pens and I can say honestly, these pens are FANTASTIC!!!!   They are vibrant, they are colorful and best of all – they do NOT smear.  This alone is the reason I love them so much because I am left handed and all gel pens have a tendency to smear.  They are definitely on my lists to pick up this weekend for my planner and bible coloring, my daughter’s planner and will probably grab some for my girl scout troop as well as my girls love to journal everything in color!!!

Great Job Bic!!!





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