BagsForLess Black Garment Bag

When I realized I had let someone borrow our garment bag and they still had it, we needed to find something fast for Pep to use for her Uniforms at Encampment.  It needed to be big enough to hold at least two sets of ABUS and her Blues without wrinkling.  I found this Bags for Less Black Garment Bag on Amazon that stated it could expand up to 5 inches.

It easily held her uniforms.  It actually holds 3 pairs of ABUS and her Blues.  It has handles on both ends but folding them together would have wrinkled her garments so we left it flat. However the bottom handle kept getting caught.  It does have a large opening for hangers but even with four to five hangers they were still sliding out so I had to rubber band them.  I would not use this garment bag if I was traveling on plane, cruise, train but its perfect for travel by car or for storing important pieces of clothing dust and moth free.  It even has a peep hole and a ID slot.


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