My sister and I were having a conversation this morning discussing wants and needs in the wake of Amazon Prime Day.  She mentioned if she could have anything she wanted, it would be more time.  A week just to catch up – and how true is that.   The past few days, I’ve been holed up in a hotel room with my broken toe while Pep has a blast at camp.  This inadvertently became my “more time” for at least organizing the 10000+ pictures on my desktop and organizing scans. It would be nice to have it at home – to clean out the garage, or the kids closets — but for now – I will take it.




I used to be an organized mom.   My house used to be clean all the time.  I used to have get-togethers and entertain. My kids would have friends over and we would do lots of fun stuff.   Over the last few years, though, the struggles of having an Autism/Bipolar household slowly seeped into everything.  Sharing the care of my mom with my sisters became more burdensome. There have been financial setbacks. Through it all though – my younger child Pepper – has persevered and thrived in the chaotic maelstrom that has been swirling since before she was born.   We try to be crafty, we shop for great deals, we celebrate the wins and losses, we hope for her brother, we Pray, all while Raising up Pepper.

As I am pulling info from old sites, you will eventually find Girl Scout Projects, Our Autism story and resources, product reviews, and a chronicle of Pep’s journey towards Mars.

2016.11.24 Thanksgiving (15)